I have updated the links from our first workshop.  This new resource, Life Science Links II, will contain brand new animations and background information for you to use.  Each of the science standards from grades 3-5 will have its own visualization for your review.  Enjoy!

December's workshop will contain everything you need to be prepared to teach Physical Science to your students.  Be certain to check out the Physical Science Links.

November's Earth Science Links will remain on this website until the end of this year.  At that time, both November's links and October's Life Science Links will be moved to the Science Resources Section of this website.
Go to the PODCAST site to download both of the workshops.
The ESP PowerPoint will also be available for all of you to use until the end of the year.  As will all of the ESP Gimmies that can be easily integrated into the ESP model.  If you are looking for anything more specific, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I would be happy to help you out!
Below you will find copies of lab sheets for use in the elementary classroom.  These lab sheets have been created utilizing the National Standards as a template for student mastery of scientific inquiry. 
Grade 1 Lab Sheet Grade 2  Lab Sheet Grade 3 Lab Sheet Grade 4 Lab Sheet Grade 5 Lab Sheet
Grade 1 Data Table Grade 2 Data Table Grade 3 Data Table Grade 4 Data Table Grade 5 Data Table
Grade 1 Graph Grade 2 Graph Grade 3 Graph Grade 4 Graph Grade 5 Graph