Wow! I'm impressed.  I just found your site thru a search of the Well-Trained Mind boards. I look forward to using the Life Sciences book next year with my daughter--I was looking for something that would teach classification and a few of the other topics. I really like what I saw!

Thanks again,
Lisa H.


Thought you might like to see this.


Have a great day Mr. Q and thank you for Chemistry my son loves!

Julie L


I made a tutorial for the paper making activity in Chapter 3 of Unit 1 of Classic Science. If you had not mentioned that I could use pantyhose, we would have NEVER done this activity. Thanks!
Kari Wilcher
"Momma Snail"
The Snail's Trail

You can download free pdf files of the entire 36 chapters with worksheets plus a parent copy with activities and tests, or just parts of it. It is written in a humorous style, with comic book style pictures of animals and talking in bubbles to break up the information. I'd say it is very high interest, easy reading, not dry or boring. My son is 7 and I think he will really enjoy it a lot. I haven't read through the whole book yet, but we'll definitely be using at least some of this next year.




This seems to be the work of one awesome teacher who goes by the name of Mr. Q. His site is here and he also has a newsletter you can sign up for.

Thank you Mr. Q, who ever you are.


Two very nice reviews of the Life Science Curriculum was provided by the folks at Bringing Up Learners and HomeschoolFreebiesToday.  Thank you guys very much!


I just wanted to take time out to tell you thank you for all of your hard work on the Classic Science homeschool book.  My daughter is in the 7th grade and has struggled with reading science Kindergarten.  I took her out of traditional school and decided to homeschool three years ago.  We tried every curriculum out there for science & history; She was bored to death and didn't understand it no matter how hard I tried.  I accidentally found your site a few weeks into school this year and fell in love.  I know that this is for lower grades - but she gets it and looks forward to science.  I even have to top her from doing science now.  I wish you knew history so she would be as excited!  We will be back for your other book when she finishes this one.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You truly have a calling!

Gina B.


I wanted to thank you for your science site for home-scholars. Before I became a mom I was a geologist/engineer and taught college geology labs.  When I started looking for elementary science curriculum that was not religious for my 5 year old I was dismayed.  There was very little out there.  She is quite advanced, very excited about science and I needed something I could whiz through quickly with her that was fun.  Thanks for you hard work and contribution to the education of our children.  The state of science education in this country is appalling.  These kids need all the help they can get!  I wish I could send you lots of money for your efforts but my lottery tickets keep coming up losers.  But we can dream. 

Autumn Y.


Thank you for your great science curriculum! My seven year old daughter really enjoyed Life Science and looks forward to Earth Science this coming year. I particularly appreciate the way you explain how things are without delving into the various speculations about how they got to be that way.

Thank you for creating a superior product!

Shannon L.


I have just ordered your Elementary Physical Science curriculum.  My son so enjoyed the classic science last year that I had to continue with you this year.  I wish you were my science teacher!  You seem like such fun.

Lea P.

I just found your books and am so excited! I just wrote about them on my blog

Thank you again! 
Christie Coffey aka Teacher of One


We are homeschoolers.  We used the free (thank you so much!) biology curriculum last year and I purchased the Earth Science curriculum for this year.  We love your products and have promoted your work everywhere we could!

Nathalie C.

He is very engaging...I think my boys are really going to like this! The experiments sound fun to me, too.


A big thank you to everyone on the following list who have generously promoted the Classic Science Series on their website/blogs:


I know there are many more blogs and email lists out there that have helped to spread the word about the Classic Science curriculum.  To all of you who are not mentioned on this list, thank you very much!  I could not do this without you!  I hope to place many more links and sites on my blog as I become aware of them.  Thank you guys!



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