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Download the 36-week Life Science Textbook for free!  These eBooks provide a thorough science education for children of all ages!


Discounted rates are available for co-op's and other organizations! 


You might find a few little gems in some of the workshops Mr.Q has performed over the years.



If you are associated with a co-op, you are eligible to receive a bulk discount for each of your participating families.  Once the payment has been made by your  co-op facilitator(s) all members will have immediate access to their curriculum. Custom delivery methods can be provided given your individual needs.


Bulk discount rate for co-op families:

2-9 books of the same title = 30% for each book

10+ books of the same title = 40% for each book


Contact Scott at for any questions or to discuss individual plans that would suit your co-op's needs.