Honestly, the number one question I have received so far concerning these books is, “Who are you and why are you doing this?”

I have provided an “About me” page on my website you can find at the top of this page.


How much does each classic science book cost?

The cost for the full Classic Science books is $60.  This allows you to download both the student and parent editions of the textbook.  No other items will be needed to purchase.


How do I download my copies after a purchase?

Once your payment has been processed and you receive a confirmation email you can download your copies by logging in to the shopping cart and clicking on the “My account” link at the top of the page.  Within this page you will find your downloadable links.  Please be aware that the links will only remain active 30 days from the time of purchase.


What age group is this curriculum designed for?

The majority of families begin the Elementary series around age 8-10.  This naturally varies based upon the interest level and ability for each child.  Each book within the "Elementary" series follows the National Science Education Standards for both elementary AND middle school aged children.  Therefore, nearly every science standard that most public schools follow from grades K-8 can be found in the elementary series.


The order of least to most abstract material within the Elementary series would be:  Life Science, then Earth Science, Chemistry, and finally Physical Science.  The Elementary curriculum is solely conceptual, with no mathematics used to support itself with the exception of basic graphing skills.


The General Science series bridges the gap between the elementary and advanced series by offering a curriculum for the student who is beginning their high school years.  In essence, the books in this series are designed for the 9th grade/freshman entering high school.


The four books in the Advanced series have been written as introductory high school courses for each subject.  Basic algebra skills would be needed to work through the Advanced Chemistry book along with some geometry and trigonometry for the Physics book. I would recommend beginning with Advanced Biology: Anatomy and Physiology before moving into the Advanced Earth, Advanced Chemistry, and Advanced Physics books for the majority of high school-aged learners.


I don’t have a PayPal account.  Can I still place an order?

Yes.  PayPal does not require an account to make a purchase.  Any major credit card can be used.


How long is this curriculum take to complete?

Each book has been designed on a 36-week schedule with multiple units within each text.  Weekly readings and practice problems can be found within the student copies while lab activities, assessments, talking points, and all answer keys can be found within each weekly chapter of the parent copies.  A more detailed timeline has been provided on the webpages for each of the individual textbooks.






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